Digital Signage

Star Micronics, a leading manufacturer of innovative technology solutions for POS and customer engagement presents Asura Signage. Asura Signage is a customer-facing engagement and print solution offering merchants the opportunity to interact with customers during their in-store shopping experience. With customized video content and printed call to actions, merchants can increase sales and build customer loyalty. Asura Signage integrates with any preferred HDMI monitor to create a customer-facing and in-store engagement solution.

Asura Signage is the first digital signage product offering an easy way to calculate ROI for promoted products. A disadvantage with current digital signage offerings is the lack of feedback and ROI on the presented products. The inability to measure the success of the display campaign can be a pain point for marketers. Asura Signage offers the capability for a viewer to immediately take action. The action is recorded through the latest smart technology from Star Micronics called the AsuraCPRNT. The AsuraCPRNT device can manage multiple signage monitors and record customer’s actions.

Asura Signage is a cloud based digital solution allowing users to manage content and view performance analytics in real time from anywhere. For example, customers can print in-store coupons, product information, rebates, product comparisons, check pricing, view product availability, complete product reviews and participate in customer surveys. With location-based marketing, Asura Signage enables the ability to provide dynamic couponing, smart signage and mobile ad redemption all within the brick and mortar environment. Asura Signage allows users (merchants, etc.) to view real time in-store interaction results and therefore monitor their campaign’s in-store engagement ROI. We are enthusiastic about providing the technology and support in order to bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds. Physical retail is here to stay; Asura Signage ensures you can keep up and even outpace the latest trends in effective marketing. Watch, Select and Print with Asura Signage!