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Star Micronics is proud to announce its partnership with Riiwards Inc. - the easiest way for businesses to launch their own branded loyalty program. Riiwards is proven to automatically build and maintain customer relationships. Merchants just set it and forget it and see their sales and profits grow. Customers report increase in sales by 7% and profits by 20%.

Riiwards is a single easy to use, cloud based, solution that makes optimum of email, mobile and social media technologies to drive profitability. It works for any business whose profitability depends on repeat customer visits, such as food service, beauty, retail and auto-care industries.

Riiwards is the easiest for consumers because there are no cards to carry and no mobile apps to download. Consumer enter their phone number on Asura screen to check-in. Consumers love Riiwards because the rewards are easy to understand, real products like food, massage and cosmetics (unlike abstract points) and get better with repeat visits, e.g. first visit gets free coffee, tenth visit free dinner and hundredth visit $100 gift card!

Riiwards is the easiest for merchants because it works on its own to build and maintain customer relationships! It automatically builds opt-in email and phone lists, sends rewards, and collects feedback and customer demographics. Merchants rave about Riiwards because:

  • We promote merchants brand unlike our competitors who promote their own brand
  • Rewards earned from a merchant can only be redeemed at that merchant
  • Negative feedback is instantly emailed to the owner along with the contact information of the customer.

Birthday and wedding anniversary dates are automatically collected and rewards sent out. Rewards for monthly events like Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are automatically sent out. The only work merchants have to do is to decide their rewards. Merchants can tweak their rewards based on reward redemptions report and optimize them to maximize return.

Merchants can send targeted email campaigns using world class email templates. They can also send text campaigns and post to social media. We provide the marketing collateral need to promote merchant’s loyalty program. We provide graphic analytics and demographics which help merchants to understand their customers better.

Riiwards is the first to provide fully automated and fraud proof visit tracking and redemptions by using instant printing of Rewards. Consumers enter their phone number and their reward is printed out. The receipt also contains their personal details such as name, date of first visit, number of visits, likes and dislikes which provide customer recognition and help build relationship.

Riiwards Inc. is based in Pleasanton, California.

‘Buy it Now’ link: Riiwards.com