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Labor Management for Retail - Done Right with TimeForge and AsuraCPRNT!

With the Star AsuraCPRNT, TimeForge has taken labor management to the next level – providing an all-in-one labor kiosk for managers and employees alike. The convenient touch-screen interface of the Asura provides a full 7” tablet screen to interact in real-time with the labor demands of the business, allowing onsite and in store managers to properly manage the store.

The Asura is capable of functioning much like a traditional time clock, where staff are able to clock in for their shift, go on paid or unpaid breaks, and clock out at the end of the shift. However, with the Asura, in store managers can also quickly navigate to view staff who are clocked in and “on the clock”, review who is currently on break, and identify staff who are running late and haven't yet clocked in.

The system is an Internet connected device, and all information recorded on the Asura kiosk is instantly reflected in real-time on the TimeForge website, and within the TimeForge mobile applications. Managers and owners are no longer tethered to their desks waiting on POS or end of day reports to review what happened, and can instead manage what is going to happen.

The amazing touchscreen interface combines with the built-in high speed printer, to allow both managers and staff members to print upcoming schedules and review time cards for the current (or past) pay periods. Messages can be sent to staff members, and reviewed via email, mobile application, or directly on the Asura's screen when clocking in.

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Managers can use the web-based TimeForge interface to manage every aspect of their entire workforce, with modules available for:

  • Job boards and applicant tracking
  • Background screening and assessments
  • Staff onboarding and self-service
  • Electronic forms and signatures
  • Online scheduling and time off requests
  • Swap shifts and manage certifications
  • Export sales data from your POS and compare to real labor
  • Clock in and out and export payroll
  • Process withholdings and cut checks / direct deposit

In short, TimeForge can provide any one module to compliment other existing labor management solutions, or TimeForge can provide a complete HRIS and labor management system specifically designed for the retail and restaurant industries.

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