POS (Point of Sale) Solutions

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Vexilor, the cloud-based tablet point of sale (POS) system powered by Givex, extends its reach with AsuraCPRNT through an in-kiosk app enabling retailers to decrease their footprint while boosting their capabilities. Vexilor’s operational efficiencies, embedded marketing and actionable data make it the perfect POS system for AsuraCPRNT which aims to provide customers and merchants with the highest quality of service.

More than a payment system, Vexilor is the agile POS that helps businesses in three key ways. Features such as multi-unit support, built-in time management and linear workflows make operations more efficient allowing you to optimize your business activities. Vexilor’s embedded marketing capabilities will give you tools used by over 165,000 global users. These include omni-channel gift cards, loyalty programs, promotions and surveys all usable to increase sales, reward customer loyalty and attract new business. Providing actionable data is another way Vexilor benefits your business. Built-in Enterprise Resource Planning tools with over 225 features will give you 360 degree visibility at the store, regional or enterprise level. With this insightful data you can make informed and forward looking business decisions.

Combining the benefits of traditional POS systems and newer apps, Vexilor provides a robust alternative to the static legacy systems and limited iPad POS apps. With its sleek tablet and multi-functional capabilities, Vexilor provides a bridge between both systems with its portability and reliable and multi-function software. With Vexilor, merchants keep up with the latest technologies, staying competitive and providing customers with cutting edge methods of payment. The merchants themselves can rest assured that Vexilor’s reliability, durability and functionality can rival and outdo any clunky, slow-to-adapt legacy POS system.

Vexilor's User interface operating on Star's AsuraCPRNT
Vexilor already supports restaurant, bar, quick service, retail, concessions and delivery industries. Now it is available as an in-unit app with AsuraCPRNT. AsuraCPRNT allows business owners to process transactions, provide couponing and provide customer surveys through an in-store portal which combines receipt printing and tablet POS capabilities. Decrease your footprint with a streamlined hardware powered with Vexilor POS capabilities. Vexilor will be featured in the AsuraCPRNT system allowing businesses to unleash their full potential.

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