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etixNow application running on Star's AsuraCPRNT etixnow e-ticketing is a fast, convenient, and secure way for patrons to purchase admissions to events and festivals. The etixnow e-ticketing system, adapted for the AsuraCPRNT, provides an unattended, patron-facing self-serve box office solution for any event type.

etixnow is about connecting patrons with events. For example, in some markets, we have partnered c-store chains to create a network of self-service e-ticketing locations within the community, serving a multitude of events and venues. This also enabled branding and sponsorship opportunities for our clients and partners. In addition to these connections, etixnow can integrate other ticketing platforms to sell and print compatible “scan perfect” barcoded tickets.

etixNow application running on Star's AsuraCPRNT set up as a pole mounted kioskThe low cost and low impact design of the AsuraCPRNT result in a self-serve box office solution with a small enough foot print to house at any outlet or venue. The units can be deployed with an integrated 4G/LTE uplink for simple drop-in-place deployment, widening the opportunity for placement options. The only hands-on requirements are the occasional paper change and light cleaning. Centralized health monitoring and reporting mean that our solution supports fully unattended stand-alone functioning without dependence on-site technician calls or staff intervention.

Patrons can browse events on the AsuraCPRNT touch screen, and pay for their selected tickets using the integrated secure Chip & PIN payment terminal. This secure payment subsystem ensures compliance with EMV standards and assures patrons that their payment details are secure. Tickets are sold from a common ticket pool and are immediately printed on specialized heavyweight security printed roll ticket stock, resulting in a maximum "high-value" patron impression, compared to generic receipt stock. Ticket inventories and sales are synchronized with our centralized system and printed tickets can be redeemed at the venue by the etixnow app, ScanGate, on low cost commodity smartphone scanners.

etixNow application running on Star's AsuraCPRNT as a wall mounted kiosk

Clients benefit from the flexibility of a mobile, low-cost kiosk that can be utilized in venues, at special events, and through retail ticket distribution networks. etixnow’s self-serve e-ticketing terminals are offered with either a flexible fee structure with optional location surcharges for revenue sharing, or an all-in pricing approach.

Fast, convenient and secure e-tickets.
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